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Title: The Wedding
Author: shipchan
Pairing: Remus/Tonk (sort of), Severus/Remus, Remus/Sirius
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: None really, except for MIA Snape and no Tonks bashing. Oh, and the fact that it's unbetaed. Sorry for any errors.
Summary: Remus and Tonks are getting married, and the order has something to say about it.
Notes: A bunny I had been working on for a while. This has a lot of what I'd like to see in book seven, so it's kind of close to my heart.

It could be said (has been on many occasions) that Remus Lupin was easily suckered into things. The truth is that Remus was not easily suckered into things, but simply tended not to put up much of a fight when it came to being pulled into things he didn’t exactly want to do. Thus, it came as no surprise to anyone who knew this, when Remus went on a date with Tonks, a second date with Tonks, a 3ard date with Tonks, started holding her hand in public and finally, after five agonizingly months of forced relationship, they were engaged.

This last part did come as a surprise to those who really knew Remus (Tonk’s mother included) for two reasons. One was the fact Remus was obviously not interested in Tonks. When she tried to kiss him in public he often turned so she got his cheek instead of his mouth. When anyone would talk to him about their relationship he would look down cast and change the subject. He hadn’t even been the one to propose. Tonks had given him the ring (Molly had bought it with her) and Remus had not known how to say no. It also came as a surprise because just about everyone knew that Remus was as gay as Lockhart in a tutu.
“I thought he was going out with Snape.” Kingsley whispered to Hermione and a few other witches and wizards one night after Most of the people at the safe house in Merlin Quarter had gone to sleep.
“No, no, he and Sirius had been going out for years until Sirius…you know.” replied Percy, nervously cleaning his glasses.
“Yes, that’s what I though as well.” agreed Hermione.
“Well, yeah, I knew that.” replied Kingsley “But I thought that after Sirius…fell…Remus had started seeing Snape.”
“It doesn’t matter who he was shagging!” said Mary Perkins, a peaky looking girl Hermione remembered being a year older then her and constantly having to go to the bath room during meal times “The fact is he’s as gay as William Burroughs in a Tangerine prison and this whole wedding is crap!” The others nodded, even though many of them had no idea who William Burroughs was.
“We have to do something.” said Millicent Bulstrode “If we don’t they’ll get married and then he’s really in trouble.”
“Why is that?” wheezed Elphias Doge, adjusting the ugly hat he always wore.
“Because,” said Millicent “When your married you have to have sex and when you have sex you make babies!” the word babies was filled with so much venom it made the others all cringed.

“What are you all doing still up?” asked Molly, stepping into the kitchen, Pansy Parkinson behind her.
“Nothing.” They all said at once, sounding like a group of kids who had been caught raiding the kitchen.
“Well then, to bed with you all.” she said. All of them stood up and brushed the saw dust the safe house was always filled with off them. Millicent collected her cat and Pansy collected her. Up stairs they all went, trying to think up ways to get Remus out of marriage and the inevitable heterosexual sex that follows.

Unfortunately, another crack team of meddlers were against them. Molly, Penelope Clearwater, Ms. Figg, Hestia Jones, Susan Bones, and Pansy (who had followed Molly about like a motherless chick ever since she had joined the order a year ago) were only a few of the people setting up and planning the wedding, and they all seemed dead set on it going over without a hitch. With this, trying to locate Draco and Snape and dropping teams of people off at various parts of the world with Harry to look for Horcruxes, it was very hard to fight the rising tide of wedding preparation. Every once in a while someone who try to foul up the basic plans for the wedding or, in a rare case in which Tonks would leave his side, try to talk to Remus. Still nothing seemed to work. Not even at the bachelor party did they get a chance to give Remus the train tickets to India they had gotten for his snappy and mysterious get away because Molly had sent Moody to watch them.

Finally the big day came. They decided to have the wedding at Godric Hollow, in honor of James and Lily (unknown to them, in the spirit world, James sat shaking his head and muttering about pushover werewolves while Lily ranted in the back ground). Tonks stood in a long, purple dress, holding a large pile of flowers. Remus stood at the alter in a suit charmed to look less shabby. He was shuffling from foot to foot and looking down at the grass. Godric Hollow, unknown to Molly and the rest of the planning party, would always smell like burning house and death to Remus, making him feel even sicker then he had before.

People took their seats on either side of the grassy lawn (“out door weddings are so romantic.” Molly had said). Some people looked as nervous as Remus, worrying their lips and tugging their hair. Others looked happy and exited. Colin Creevey looked like a mixture of all these things, and, as some people knew, was. He knew that the wedding was dooming for Remus but he loved weddings and had had much too much cake earlier (why he had had cake before going to a wedding no one knew).

Ernie Macmillan took his place at the head of the alter, holding up Dumbledore’s portrait (which was much too big for him and kept threatening to slip from his fingers). Madam Pince took a seat at the piano, gave her knuckles a good crack and began to play Tonks and her father down the walk. After she was given away she stood next to Remus, looking bubbly and not noticing that Remus looked like he might be sick at any moment. Dumbledore began his speech on why they were here today, how he had known Remus and Tonks almost all their lives (thus reminding everyone in the audience how much older Remus was then Tonks). Then the moment half the audience had been waiting for came.
“If anyone has any reason why these two should not be wed please say so now or forever hold your peace.” All morning people had been trying to think up what to say at this point. It varied from Hermione’s essay of an objection, to Kinsley’s short and simple “Don’t do it man, follow you’re heart and don’t do it!”, to the Millicent’s “He’s gay!”

They waited for someone to say something for nearly a minute but still everyone stayed oddly silent. Hermione just couldn’t seem to get the words out with Ron staring at her like that, Kingsley kept opening and closing his mouth, and Millicent was distracted by the way the strap on Pansy’s dress kept slipping down.
“Oh for god sakes!” shouted someone from the right. 50 or so heads shot about and saw the one thing no one had counted on. Fleur was standing up, hands on her hips. Bill was staring up at her in amazement (or maybe fear). “Can no one here see that Mr. Lupin is obviously not in love with Miss. Tonks?” The group gasped collectively and Collin fell to the ground, nervously laughing to himself and trying to gasp out the word ‘sorry’.
“What?!” shrieked Tonks, her hair turning an ugly black that reminded her mother far too much of Bellatrix “How dare you say that!!”
“Because it is true.” said the white haired girl simply.
“Boo, sit down! No one likes you.” yelled Ginny from the back.
“I, in fact, know who Mr. Lupin is in love with. It is Mr. Snape!”
“No it isn’t.” said Harry “It’s Sirius.”
“I thought it was Charlie.” said Ms. Figg.
“I thought it was me…” said Neville sadly.

With that the field went up in a cloud of conversation. Arguments went through the air. Tonks looked a bit like she was going to cry, her hair having turned a mousey brown. Molly was yelling at Fleur and Fleur looked like she was going to give her a good smack if she didn’t stop. The painting of Dumbledore was holding his head in his hands and mumbling about why weddings always seem to end up like this when he was there. Millecent was trying to carry Collin, who had passed out, away from the rabble. The only person who didn’t look like they wanted to take someone’s head off was Remus. He stood by Tonks with an unreadable look on his face.

“Um, pardon me but…” started Remus in a soft voice “excuse me but if I could address the group for a moment then…” Remus looked sadly down at the ground, the same ground his friends had been killed on years ago. He shuffled his feet a bit and took a large breath.
“Everyone shut up and listen to me for two minutes!” he yelled as loud as he could, trying to manifest the voice he had used when he had been a teacher. Everyone stopped and turned to look at him. Many of them had never heard Remus yell before and it was surprisingly loud. “Does anyone care about what I have to say about this subject? Did anyone ever think that maybe I want to make my own choices?
“I’m sorry Tonks, but I can’t marry you. I don’t love you and it would be unfair to both of us if we did. You’re a good friend and I hope we can stay that way, but I’m not attracted to you.
“But that doesn’t mean I want to marry anyone else either. The only relationships I’ve ever had have ended in death in some way and I can’t deal with that any more. At least not right now.
“The only thing I really want to do right now is get rid of Voldemort, find Severus, settle down in my own house and maybe read some books. That’s all. No new relationships and no more fighting!”

“I’m sorry, Remus.” said Tonks “I just thought…”
“I know, but I just don’t feel that way about you.” said Remus “As I said, I hope we can still be friends.” Tonks nodded and her hair began to take on an odd blue colour.
“Excuse me, everyone.” Remus nodded and left the wedding.

A few hours later, Harry found Remus in the grave yard near by. He was standing in front of two graves, each with flowers on them.
“Where did you go?” he asked, feeling thirteen again.
“I walked a bit. Then I decided to go see your parents, got some flowers and came here.”
“Oh.” said Harry, staring at his parents grave markers.
“You really miss them, don’t you?” said Harry “I mean, I never even really met them, and miss them all the time. I can’t imagine what it’s like for you.”
“I miss a great many things, Harry.” replied Remus “the trick is to think about the things you don’t have to miss yet. Those things are the most important anyway.”

Harry nodded and closed his eyes. Remus placed his arm around his shoulder and watched as the sun set over the grassy hills of the cemetery, trying to remember the things he didn’t have to miss yet.
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