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Flaming Fawkes

Where the crack is always fresh!

Crackfic ahoy!
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flaming_fawkes is a community dedicated to the joy and love that is Harry Potter crack!fic.

Feel free to post art and fic that features unconventional/strange/wacky pairings, characters, or scenarios. These fics are meant to be humorous, and not taken seriously. (We know most of these things aren't canon, but that's why they're so wonderful!)


This community is meant to be light-hearted, so we're generally open to anything and everything.

We do not discriminate against pairings and are happy to see posts with anything and everything (even Stan Shunpike, Rubeus Hagrid, Argus Filch, and Cornelius Fudge...) If you don't like the pairing or premise of a story, don't read it. We won't tolerate flames or rants. We're here for the crackfic. If you want to whine, go somewhere else.

All stories must be placed under an lj-cut and fics with an NC-17 rating and/or squicky subject matter (this means bestiality, incest, non-con, etc. etc.) need to be labeled as such. All art that is not work safe should also be clearly marked.

Stories should be posted with the following header:
Pairing: (or characters if there are no specific pairings)
Rating: (G through NC-17)
Word Count:
Disclaimer: (Yeah, yeah, we don't own these characters, blahblahblah...)
Warnings: (kinks/squicks/mentally-scarring-phoenix-sex)
A/N: (If this is an entry to a challenge, that should be noted here.)

Posts that are off topic, written in netspeak, or are personal attacks against other members of the livejournal community, will be deleted by one of the mods. The mods reserve the right to freeze and/or delete any flames or wank threads.


We would love to have all of the members posting and participating in this community! We will try to organize challenges and fic/art exchanges to help try to generate more crack-induced stories. If you have any suggestions for challenge themes, feel free to contact either one of the mods!

Your friendly neighborhood moderators

This community is maintained by happiestwhen and noticeably. Any comments or concerns should be directed to flame.my.phoenix[at]gmail.com.

squibbed - All Filch, all the time.